Zone Living: Childhood Nutrition

Do You Want the Best Possible Future for Your Child?

Why Living in the Zone is Important

Much of your child’s future is set in the womb and the first two years of life

The first 1,000 days of life are critical for a child’s future. Development of the fetal brain is totally dependent on the mother having adequate levels of EPA and DHA in her diet. In the last trimester of pregnancy, the fetus is making 250,000 new brain cells per minute and requires a lot of EPA and DHA. After birth, the brain is the most rapidly growing organ in the body. Unless the child is getting adequate levels of EPA and DHA, their brain development will be compromised. The best source for both mother and child is OmegaRx 2.

Your child’s brain doesn’t stop developing until age 25

A child’s brain may not be growing as rapidly as the first two years of life, but adequate levels of EPA and DHA in the diet are even more critical to carry out the extensive remodeling taking place inside the brain with learning. In fact, the frontal cortex of the brain that controls behavior only finishes developing around age 25, meaning the child needs adequate levels of EPA and DHA all though this stage of life. OmegaRx 2 is the right choice.

Hormones generated through the diet can control behavior

Behavior in children and adolescents is often a consequence of their ability to stabilize blood sugar levels through the diet. ZoneRx Bars help stabilize blood sugar throughout the day. Plus, using PastaRx as a source of protein in Zone meals makes it easier to maintain that goal.

Getting Started:

Always start with the Zone Diet as your dietary foundation. Then use our recommended products to get even better results to optimize your child’s nutrition.


Success Stories

Kristin Sears and baby Kristin Sears – How Fish Oil Helped Me and My Baby in His First Months

Many new moms find their expectations of motherhood turned upside-down from the moment their babies enter the world. For Kristin, it was her expectation of breast-feeding. She spent her entire pregnancy taking fish oil, and her plan was to continue giving her baby fish oil through breast milk. (Read more)

Eric McDonald, Zone Success Story (thumbnail) Bill M. – Managing Childhood ADHD with Omega-3s

Bill’s son Eric was 4 years old when his teachers suggested he may have a attention-deficit and hyper activity disorder (ADHD). A psychologist prescribed a prescription drug to calm his behavior. Instead, Eric supplemented with OmegaRx fish oil. He is now age 20, and has never had to take a single prescription drug for ADHD. (Read more)

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