Why Living in the Zone is Important

Wellness begins in the womb and goes through the continuum of life. If you don’t optimize your diet until your doctor tells you to lose weight or until you know you are no longer well, you may have already waited too long. There are five distinct stages of Zone Living that have different driving goals, but all can be achieved through the same dietary solution: the Zone Diet.

Zone Living starts with a healthy mom providing essential nutrition in the womb and through the next 25 years of life to ensure a solid foundation for childhood nutrition. As life progresses, being in the Zone can give you a competitive edge by helping your reach your peak performance. Later in life, the loss of excess body fat is the first step toward slowing down of the rate of aging. This fat loss also helps to maintain a healthy weight and increases lean body mass that you can see and feel. In mid-life, you must begin thinking about chronic disease, and therefore start looking to maintain evidence-based wellness. Finally, being in the Zone will allow you healthy aging so that your years are defined by your health span (i.e., quality of life), and not just your lifespan (i.e., quantity of years).

The Zone for Every Stage of Your Life

Childhood Nutrition Zone Living: Peak Performance Zone Living: Fat Loss Zone Living: Evidence-Based Wellness Zone Living: Healthy Aging
Childhood Nutrition

Correctly set neural connections between the gut and brain.

Peak Performance

Improve both athletic and mental performance.

Fat Loss

Reverse the accumulation of body fat

Evidence Based Wellness

Maintain healthy living.

Healthy Aging

Managing chronic health issues.

Throughout life, we move through each of these various life stages. You need a pathway. The Zone Diet provides that scientifically proven way, and the solution is Zone Living – a life of living in the Zone.