Everyone needs guidance losing fat to have successful weight loss, better health, and an improved life. This is why we offer personal support and interactive tools as excellent resources to be used with the Zone Anti-Inflammatory Diet.

Zone Body Fat Calculator
Body Fat Calculator

The Zone Diet Body Fat Calculator will not only provide you with your Body Fat Weight and Lean Body Mass, but it will also determine the amount of protein you need.

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Zone Diet: Insulin Resistance Quiz
Insulin Resistance Quiz

Take our insulin resistance quiz and measure your extent of insulin resistance. See what clinically-based dietary recommendations will help you.

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Dr. Barry Sears, Zone Diet
Dr. Sears Blog

Dr. Sears' blog offers anti-inflammatory health tips. Get insights on controlling inflammation and maintaining the Zone Diet lifestyle.

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Try our fish oil calculator
Fish Oil Calculator

Not all omega-3 fish oil is the same. Zone provides the ultimate fish oil comparison tool to measure the potency, purity and price of your daily supplement.

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Zone Diet: Zone Living Newsletter
Zone Living Newsletters

View newsletter articles and case studies from our customers to help you keep up with the Zone!

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Zone Diet: Recipes
Zone Recipes

We've developed hundreds of simple, anti-inflammatory recipes, each with four to six hours of hunger suppression with the least amount of calories.

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Zone Diet: Lifestyle Tips
Lifestyle Tips & Videos

These lifestyle tips and videos teach you how to use Zone tools and share advice on how to maintain wellness.

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Zone Diet Food Blocks for Portion Control
Zone Food Blocks

Use this tool to search foods and assemble meals and snacks in exact proportions.

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Zone Diet Food Journal for Better Tracking
Zone Food Journal

Your ability to lose weight depends on your ability to know what you are eating. Let the Zone Food Journal help track your progress.

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Zone Diet: Mediterranean Zone by Dr. Barry Sears
The Mediterranean Zone

Dr. Barry Sears latest book provides a dietary guide to reducing inflammation and explains the role polyphenols play in your diet.

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Zone Diet: Current Events
Current Events

Stay up to date with Dr. Barry Sears' upcoming appearances, speaking engagements, and radio interviews.

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Dining Out Tips
Dining Out Tips

You can stay in the Zone whenever you dine out if you follow these simple tips.

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