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Dr. Sears’ Zone PastaRx® Fusilli – 4 Pack

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It’s More Than Pasta, It’s the Next Generation of Protein

PastaRx is made using a patented technology that represents the next evolution of protein.   PastaRx looks, tastes, and has the versatility of traditional pasta, but it is really Performance Protein that provides more than twice the appetite-suppression of any other known form of protein on a per gram basis.

Benefits of PastaRx

Consider PastaRx as a “super-protein” that provides greater stabilization of blood sugar levels, greater satiety, greater increase of muscle mass, and greater reduction of insulin resistance, the underlying cause of fat accumulation.

How It Works

At the molecular level PastaRx is best described as a protein-cage that surrounds an inner core of carbohydrate designed to alter hormonal responses in the gut.  It’s a unique concept, and that’s why it is patented.

Sustainable Protein with Low Cost and High Performance

Each serving of PastaRx contains 15 grams of protein.  This makes PastaRx far less expensive than typical protein-based bars and shakes with equivalent amounts of protein.  Once you factor in the extraordinary benefits of our patented PastaRx, it becomes the most cost-effective choice as your protein source for any meal.

PastaRx Makes the Zone Diet Easier Than Ever to Follow

PastaRx makes the Zone Diet easier to follow as an ideal protein source to balance added carbohydrates and fat for a true Zone meal.  PastaRx is the perfect substitute for traditional pasta or rice in any recipe and can be added to your favorite soups, salads, or broths to increase the protein levels and dramatically improve their hormonal responses especially those that control hunger suppression.

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